Hello, welcome.

I’m a writer and a software developer in Los Angeles. I was a bit late to the Helium LoRoWAN mining party — I discovered it in September 2021 Helium (my hex is pretty crowded), but I’ve been fascinated and obsessed with it ever since. The ability to bootstrap a decentralized telecommunications network is just, well, really cool. And so is the ability for people to own a piece of the digital networks they use.

Now I’m now diving in and learning as much as I can about what I call “wireless mining”, which is just a simple way of saying “participating in the infrastructure of decentralized telecommunications network”, which is perhaps more descriptive but way too long for a domain name.

Anyway, I’m not an expert yet, but I hope to become one over the course of the next few years. In 2022 I’m going to start deploying Helium 5G hotspots in my neighborhood, connect a DIMO AutoPi miner to my car, and plant some Pollen Mobile Flowers when they launch in Los Angeles.

As I figure things out, I plan to share what I’ve learned here on this site, in the hopes that you can avoid my mistakes, contribute to the infrastructure in your own corner of the world, and of course, make some money.